“Come a Little Bit Closer:” Jay and the Americans to take stage center at Hilton’s Lorenzo’s Cabaret June 7

“In a back-by-popular demand repeat performance, Jay and the Americans, the pop rock group that took the 1960s by storm, who achieved fame not only for their talent, but for their clean-cut all-American image, will be at Lorenzo’s Cabaret at the Hilton Garden Inn Friday, June 7 during a dinner show beginning at 7 p.m.

They group was discovered while performing at New York University in 1959  when they auditioned for popular lyricist  Jerry Leiber and composer Mike Stoller, who gave the group its name.

Jay and the Americans would go on to sign a recording deal in 1961, the year “She Cried,” was released, the tune that jump started their career.

“And that’s what started the career with the first Jay, Jay Traynor,” said Sandy Deane, an original group member. Then it was Jay Black and now Jay Reincke.”

Deane went on to explain: “We started the group with the original members which were Kenny Vance and myself. We merged two groups with Howie Kane and Marty Sanders, and Jay Trainor and they were the original Jay and the Americans.”

Deane added: “We do all of the major hits and a lot of other songs, as well as new songs that we’ve recorded recently plus those of artists who we worked with. We also do some of that. But the shows are always different. We never change our big hits, but we have new songs that have something to do with us.”

Deane says what audience members get in the show is a representation  of their entire career.”

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